An old article on Cezanne in the NY Daily News

Past Experience
January 18, 2012

So, of course, I Google myself. Who doesn’t? Well the other day, I went really deep into the results and found the NY Daily News article from 2000! I was clearly on some other planet, wow! It was fun reminiscing and so I thought I’d share this very embarrassing article.

You could say this was my 15 minutes, Phase 0. I had this idea that somehow this article would help me take a step back and disconnect. It worked for a few years.

Too much surfing leaves some New Yorkers trapped in the Net
By Eamon Lynch | Daily News Staff Writers | January 2000

The one big takeaway for me was, traditional media definitely had a place in the consumer journey whether us digitalites like it or not and we’re now finally seeing this through greater online and offline integration in marketing, sales and operations.

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