Developing a personal brand

Personal Brand
January 22, 2012

Creating a personal brand isn’t a new concept. I think it’s important to note the following key points

1. Your personal brand should a natural extension of yourself

2. A brand is more perception than reality

3. Decisions and choices will affect your personal brand

I could say that a personal brand is the antithesis of an archetype though it cannot be so niche that it’s no longer relevant. A few tips to consider:

A. Define A Brand Headline – What’s the key headline that encapsulates you and ultimately your brand?

B.  Establish A Brand Cheat Sheet РWhat are some key talking points that succinctly describe your brand profile?

C. Communicate Your Brand Consistently – Take A and B to the social and professional spheres!

I’ve oversimplified this but I think it’s enough for you to at least get started on your personal brand. By the way, I could practice what I preach but I’m sure you’ve read or heard of the infamous cobbler and his shoes fable?

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