Blockchain is changing the field not the just game

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February 4, 2019

Blockchain will deliver digitization to our lifestyle for greater prosperity and health

The investments in Blockchain across the way we live, learn and work is still in its infancy. We know technology in general is in a free fall and transformation stage with the likes of 5G, machine-to-machine communications, and distributed systems. With Blockchain, we have the potential to bring a new era of “individualism without alienism.” And so Blockchain is already on a journey with crypto-currencies, considered the early adopters, taking off permeating into our day-to-day as it begins to shape the perceptions and possibilities of what’s to come. It’s raising important social questions and is already reshaping the way we all think about the current monetary infrastructure. It’s too late for Blockchain to disappear that much everyone agrees on. So, what’s next?

Well, it won’t be long before we are introduced to new Blockchain products which depart from the ledgers, currencies and processes driving a financial system. No, it won’t be focused on the series of connected services that is borne out of a network effect of cryptocurrencies but new applications that will improve our health, help us gain knowledge and provide greater control, distribution and fluidity of of our day-to-day tasks.

Dynamic and Extensible Electronic Health Records

Healthcare, imagine a decentralized but coordinated set of global data not silo’d and walled off. Our specific electronic health records are silo’d and static, imagine that data now with a decentralized governance where no one organization owns the data and there’s no clearing house for that information thus acceleration data sharing and personalization at scale.

Napster times a thousand! – Imogen Heap

Musical artists could push the boundaries of creativity and expand the headroom of their production. Blockchain could allow artists to truly cut out the middleman and at the same time expand their production headroom while also increasing the derivative body of works because of the decentralize governance it would bring. Furthermore, from a headroom expansion perspective imagine each track, i.e. drums, keyboards, a sample able to be tweaked, morph and distributed across the fanbase bringing the artist and fans in direct collaboration. It’s requests and personalization at an enormous scale!

Education in True Real-Time with Test and Learn

In the realm of Education, we know Institutions around the world are cooperating on a multitude of challenges. One major challenge is to introduce, assess, and share learnings across the ecosystem which generally takes years to do. Imagine a new system that allows not just a small group of Universities to be able to introduce these new learning but collaborate and expand on the learnings at hyper-local levels without major structural changes and maintaining the integrity of the core idea.

This is but the “tip of the iceberg” as to how blockchain could change our lives. The possibilities are endless coupled with artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT (internet of things) and the convergence of biology and technology!

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