ChatGPT a Google killer/ “something” killer or just a new Miscrosft word plugin?

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January 15, 2023

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Is ChatGPT a Google killer/ “something” killer or just a new Miscrosft word plugin?

I see it as the latter, Google crawled, collected and collated information and matched folks to that information, better. For many that was an incredible improvement in user satisfaction over the likes of Excite/Infoseek/Yahoo and was enough to defer the user’s own information retention and completely rely on Google. But fundamentally, the true value of Google was that it made a wealth of information produced by regular people more accessible and democratized knowledge.

ChatGPT is definitely the next step in the information evolution / revolution but ultimately its a black box, its more like AskJeeves on steroids, the now defunct question oriented search engine, anyone remember that?

Jeeves, who is Martin Luther King Jr.?

ChatGPT takes away the knowledge gathering process all together and attempts to gather, synthesize and present a “point of view” based on the information it scours and the deduction of a user’s query. ChatGPT is the “Zoltar Fortune Teller” killer or BS on steroids.

Seriously though, ChatGPT being the #Google killer will depend on how accessible it is to everyone and I have little doubt that #Microsoft is in the business of pure free, right now.

Having said all of the above, I have used ChatGPT to create numerous marketing headlines, optimized my site’s titles/meta data, tweak descriptions/timelines for videos on my YouTube channels, had it write overlays for my personal TikTok/IG reels, and even write a poem.

Finally, I was disappointed that it didn’t know me, when I asked who Cezanne Huq was. 🙂

I’m a simple guy and I often miss the forest for the trees, please share your thoughts on ChatGPT!

Disclaimer: This post wasn’t written by ChatGPT

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